QKD Quantum Key Distribution Equipment
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      QKD500 series quantum key distribution equipment is a quantum key distribution product developed based on completely independent intellectual property rights. The product is based on the continuous variable Gaussian-modulation coherent state GG02 protocol, which encodes the quantum information on the phase and amplitude components of the optical field. The repetition frequency of the quantum signal carrier is 10 MHz, which can be widely used in various quantum key distribution scenarios.
      QKD500 series products adopt a modular design with a standard size of 19 inches and 1U height. It is the most compact quantum key distribution product in the industry and can be mounted on standard racks or desktops. QKD500 series products are divided into QKD500 (send type) and QKD501 (receive type), and send type needs to be paired with receive type to complete the quantum key distribution function.