Quantum Security Gateway
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      QSG1000 series quantum security gateway is a deep integration of quantum security communication technology and classical communication technology. It not only provides users with basic services such as classic communication access services and the corresponding access control, but also utilizes quantum encryption technology to protect existing businesses, which further enhances the reliability and security of communications.

      Technical Features:
      Quantum high security protection: use quantum key to realize access authentication and service protection; the key security level can guarantee at least one-time pad.
      Comprehensive security features, multi-dimensional protection for user data security: identity security; terminal security; transmission security; application permission security; audit security.
      Fast features, layer-by-layer protection for user access: link, transmission, data, application.
      Convenient and easy to use: fully support mainstream operating systems; fully support mainstream browsers; fully support mainstream mobile intelligent terminal access.
      Excellent manageability: user group management; administrator authority classification; user traffic management; independent log center.